Preparing for a Successful Gastroenterology Procedure: Your Pre-Prep Instructions

When it comes to undergoing a gastroenterology procedure, proper preparation plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful and accurate examination. At Tri-State Gastroenterology Associates, we prioritize patient care and want to guide you through the pre-prep instructions to help you prepare effectively for your upcoming procedure. By following these instructions, you can maximize the quality of your exam and contribute to a smooth experience.

Understand Your Medications:

If you are currently taking blood thinners such as Plavix, Ticlid, or Coumadin, it is essential to follow the instructions given to you by our office. In most cases, endoscopy procedures require patients to stop taking blood thinners 7-10 days before the procedure. However, each case is unique, so it’s crucial to consult with your physician or our office to determine the best course of action regarding your blood thinners.

For diabetic patients, it is important to follow the instructions provided regarding your medication. If you are also undergoing a colon prep, consider supplementing your clear liquids with Ensure or Boost to maintain adequate nutrition.

Take Regular Medications:

On the morning of the procedure, take all your regular medications as usual, unless otherwise instructed. For example, if you take blood pressure medication, continue taking it with a small amount of water. However, any medication that is not necessary in the morning should be postponed until after the procedure and after you have returned home. This includes vitamins and supplements.

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of liquids is essential for all types of preps. Follow the specific directions provided for your prep regarding liquid consumption. Adequate hydration helps in the effectiveness of the prep and ensures your comfort during the procedure.

Keep Your Appointment:

It is crucial to keep your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to do so, please notify us within 72 hours of your appointment to avoid a $75 no-show/cancellation fee. Call our procedure scheduling line at (859) 655-4490 or (800) 448-3575. We value your time and appreciate your cooperation.

Arrange for a Responsible Adult:

For your safety and well-being, it is mandatory to bring a responsible adult (18 years or older) with you to the facility. This person must stay at the facility during your procedure and be available to drive you home after the recovery period. It is important to note that you will not be allowed to drive yourself, nor can you go home by taxi unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Failure to have a responsible person with you may result in the cancellation of your procedure.

Location and Arrival Time:

Tri-State Digestive Disorder Center is located in the lower level of the building at 425 Centre View Blvd, Crestview Hills, KY. Please arrive at the assigned time indicated on your appointment schedule. The assigned arrival time is not the procedure time, so it’s essential to review your scheduled date and time of arrival.

Colonoscopy-Specific Instructions:

If you are scheduled for a colonoscopy, there are additional instructions to follow:

  • Follow the prep solution instructions given to you, rather than the instructions on the bottle.
  • Consume only clear liquids on the day before your procedure, starting with breakfast. Avoid red-colored clear liquids or gelatin and refrain from drinking alcohol.
  • Acceptable clear liquids include clear broth or bouillon, coffee or tea without milk or cream, soft drinks, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Tang, Crystal Light, lemonade, and juices without pulp.
  • Gelatin and Popsicles are also permissible, but avoid ice cream, yogurt, pieces of fruit, and red-colored options.
  • On the day of your procedure, strictly adhere to the instructions on your prep sheet and stop drinking all fluids, including water, as directed.


Proper preparation is crucial for a successful gastroenterology procedure. By following the pre-prep instructions provided by Tri-State Gastroenterology Associates, you can contribute to the accuracy and effectiveness of your exam. Remember to consult with your physician or the office if you have any questions or concerns regarding your medications or prep instructions. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and ensuring your comfort throughout the process.