Pre-Prep Instructions


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These are instructions that you MUST follow for us to ensure that your endoscopy procedure is completed correctly and that you are given the best exam possible.

 If you are on Blood Thinners you will need to follow the instructions given to you by our office regarding these medications. In most cases Endoscopy procedures require that you stop blood thinners like Plavix or Ticlid 7-10 days before the procedure and Coumadin for 3 days; however, every case is individual depending on why you are on blood thinners and what exact procedure you will be having.

If you are reading this and your physician or our office has not talked with you regarding whether to take or not to take your blood thinners, please call our office NOW and discuss what to do with your blood thinners.

If you are diabetic, please follow the instructions you were given regarding your medication, and if you are taking a colon prep, supplement your clear liquids with Ensure or Boost.

DO take all other regular medications you would usually take on the morning of the procedure (example: take your blood pressure medicine for sure) with a small amount of water.

Any medication you do not have to take in the morning, do not take until after the procedure and you have returned home (example: vitamins).

Drink plenty of liquids. This is very important with all types of preps. Follow the directions for your prep regarding drinking liquids.

KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify us within 72 hours of your appointment or you may be charged a $75 no show/cancellation fee. Call (859) 655-4490 or (800) 448-3575 and select procedure scheduling. You may call our CANCELLATION LINE at (859) 655-4580.

BRING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT (18 years old or older) WITH YOU. This person MUST STAY here in the facility during your procedure and someone must be available to drive you home after your recovery period. You will not be allowed to drive yourself. You will not be allowed to go home by taxi unless a responsible adult is here to go with you. If you do not have a responsible person with you, your procedure will be canceled.

Report to Tri-State Digestive Disorder Center, which is located in the LOWER level of the building at 425 Centre View Blvd, Crestview Hills, Ky.

Be sure to arrive at the time assigned to you (the arrival time assigned to you IS NOT your procedure time (PLEASE look now at your Scheduled Date and Time of Arrival)

If you are scheduled for a COLONOSCOPY you should also follow these instructions:

Follow the instructions given to you for your prep solution, do not follow the instructions on the bottle.

Drink clear liquids all day the day prior to your procedure, drinking large amounts of liquid will actually make your prep more efficient.

The Day Before Your Colonoscopy: You should be on a clear liquid diet, beginning with breakfast. PLEASE AVOID RED-colored clear liquids or gelatin. Do not drink alcohol. Dietary supplements such as Ensure or Boost are acceptable if Diabetic have 3-4 servings of these.

  • Clear broth or bouillon (without noodles or other solids)
  • Coffee or tea (without milk or cream)
  • Soft drinks, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Tang, Crystal light, lemonade, and juices (without pulp)
  • Gelatin and Popsicles (no ice cream or yogurt, no pieces of fruit, no red colors)

On the day of your procedure STOP drinking everything (including water) as directed on your prep instruction sheet.

PLEASE check the Date and Arrival time and REVIEW your prep sheet NOW.

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