Preps Information

Questions on your Colonoscopy prep?  Watch the video above and if you still have questions please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Colon Prep?

It is very important for your colon to be cleaned out thoroughly prior to your colonoscopy. A clean colon means that you will have the best possible examination. When cleaned properly, the procedure can be performed as planned and the diagnosis or treatment will be of the highest quality.

A poor prep can result in stool remaining in the colon that may hinder the complete view of the colon resulting in missed polyps/lesions causing questionable results and/or cancellation of the procedure.

How do I achieve a GOOD colon prep?

Your practitioner will decide what the best prep for you to use is. Your job is to READ and FOLLOW all of your prep instructions completely.

The staff of Tri-State Gastroenterology Associates and Tri-State Digestive Disorder Center will be available to help you get thru your prep if help is needed.

What will my prep be like?

Colon preps have changed a lot over the years, new ones have been introduced, and old ones have been removed from store shelves. Preps used today will vary from large numbers of pills to a gallon of liquid. Some taste salty even when mixed with flavoring.

The newer preps are more effective and efficient and do cause less discomfort than the older ones. These preps work quickly, causing a diarrhea effect in order to empty the colon.